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AI Ease Passport Photo Maker is a great way to create professional passport photos from home. This tool ensures your photos meet all passport photo requirements for ID documents such as passports, visas, etc. This Free Passport Photo maker allows everyone to produce high-quality passport photos without any charges. Users can create and print their passport photos at home or offices, saving time and money. It consistently delivers high-quality results, ensuring your passport photos are always sharp, clear, and professional.

Transfrom your photos to passsport pictures

How to Take a Passport Photo?

Distance from the camera when you take a passport photo

Body-Camera Distance for a Passport Photo

Take the photo from about 20 inches away from your face. It's best to have someone else take the picture for you.
Face in front of the camera while taking a passport photo

Posture for a Passport Picture

Face the camera directly with a neutral expression, keeping the camera at eye level.
Stand facing a light source such as an exposed window. Don't worry about the background

Best Lighting for Passport Photos

Stand facing a light source, like an open window, and avoid shadowed areas. We'll automatically remove the background for later customization.

Why are we the best choice for making passport photos?

create your official passport photo in seconds

Meet All Passport Photo Requirements

Through extensive data research, our passport photo maker ensures you get government-approved passport photos, visa photos, and other ID photos that meet all passport photo requirements. Create your official passport photo in just a few seconds!
We provide free passport photo-making service with high-quality photos

Free and HD Passport Photo Maker

Are you looking for a free way to create passport photos online? Look no further! Our tool provides high-quality passport photos without any equipment purchases or hidden fees. Experience convenient, professional photo-making at home, and you'll never need to revisit a photo booth.
Our tool will automatically crop and ajust your photo to meet certain requirements

Automatically Crop & Remove Background

Our Passport Photo Maker uses advanced algorithms for automatic cropping and centering, ensuring your photo meets the specifications of your selected document type. We also provide an AI background removal service for customization, so no manual editing is needed.

AI Ease: Free passport photo maker online - effortlessly create your passport/ visa/ ID photos with the correct size

Choose the document type

Please choose the type of document that you need for a passport/ visa/ ID photo.

Take or upload your photo

Take a photo or upload one from your mobile gallery. Follow our guidelines to meet all the requirements.

AI fine-tune

Let AI crop and center your passport photo to meet the requirements of the document type you chose.

Download or print

Enjoy your photos which can be printed off, or simply used as digital photos.

FAQ on making a passport photo

Is Ai Ease Passport Photo Maker Free?

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What Size Is a Passport Photo?

What to Wear for Passport Photo?

Can You Smile in a Passport Photo?

Can I Take My Own Passport Photo?

How does AI Ease passport photo maker ensure user data privacy and security?

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